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Okay... mari tengok program SOS yang Prudential sediakan untuk client-client semua. Program ni disediakan untuk kemudahan client berurusan bila client tersebut berada di luar kawasan atau luar negara. 

Anda boleh go through penerangan kat bawah sini... saya minta maaf sebab penerangan dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Sebenarnya saya cuma copy paste dari buku sijil Takaful saja dan penerangannya tidak ada translation seperti penerangan manfaat-manfaat lain di dalam buku sijil.

Mungkin tak ramai yang suka baca buku sijil Takaful masing-masing... anda boleh baca kat sini... ada beberapa manfaat di bahagian SOS yang jarang-jarang diterangkan oleh ejen-ejen semasa deliver buku sijil kat client...

Okaysss... check it out...!

Takaful MediAssist and PruBSN Assist PROGRAMME

This programme is provided to all Covered Person(s) of the Major Medicai Cover or Takaful Health Benefit (whichever's aplicable) on a complimentary basis. To install this programme, Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN) has concluded an arrangement with lnternational SOS (Malaysla) Sdn. Bhd. (lntl. SOS) to provide valuable assistance in travel related emergencies. This programme shall cease in the event the Major Medical Cover or Takaful Health Benefit (whichever is applicable) is discontinued.

lnternational Emergency Medical Assistance and lnternational Travel Assistance refer to services that will be provided by lntl. SOS to the Covered Person when travelling outside Malaysia for a period not exceeding ninety (90) contsecutive days on any one trip. A Covered Person may call lntl. SOS on reverse charge from anywhere in the world to obtain the services.

Domestic Emergency Medical Assistant refers to services that will be provided by lntl. SOS to the Covered Person when travelling more than 100 km away from their place of the residence in Malaysia for a period not exceeding ninety (90) consecutive days for any one trip. A Covered Person may call lntl. SOS on reverse charge from anywhere within Malaysia to obtain the services.

1.   The details of the services provided for the lnternational/Domestic Emergency Medical Assistance are as stated below;

1.1   Telephone Medical Advice (lnternational Only)

Arrangements to provide medical advice to the Covered Person over the telephone.

1.2   Medical Service Provider Referral (lnternational & Domestic)

Providing the Covered Person with information about physicians, hospital, clinic and dental clinics.

1.3   Arrantement of Appointment with Doctor (lnternational & Domestic)

Assistance to the Covered Person in arranging an appointment with medical practitioners or specialist doctors if medically necessary.

1.4   Arrangement for Hospital Admission (lnternational Only)

lf the medlcal condition of the Covered Person is of such severity as to require hospitalisation, assistance will be provided to the Covered Person by arranging for hospital admission.

1.5   Guarantee of Medical Expenses lncurred During Hospitalisation (lnternational & Domestic)

Assistance for the Covered Person by guaranteeing on behalf of the Covered Person medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation. The provision of this financial guarantee is subject to Intl. SOS first securing payment from the Covered Person through his/her credit card facility or from funds the Covered Person's family.

1.6   Monitoring of Medical Condition When Hospitalised (lnternational & Domestic)

To monitor the Covered Person's case during hospitalisation by liaising with the Covered Person and the treating physician or doctor.

1.7   Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation (lnternational & Domestic)

To provide medically necessary expenses of air and/or surface transportation, medical care during transportation/ communications and all usual ancillary services in moving the Covered Person when in a serious medical condition to the nearest hospital where appropriate medical care is available lntl. SOS retains the absolute right to decide whether the Covered Person's medical condition is sufficiently serious to warrant evacuation. Intl. SOS further reserve the right to decide the place to which such evacuation will be carried out having regards to all assessed facts and circumstances of which lntl. SOS is aware at the relevant time. The serious medical condition defined above means a condition in which in the opinion of lntl. SOS constitutes a serious medical emergency requiring urgent medical treatment to avoid death or serious impairment to the Covered Person or the Covered Person's immediate or long term health prospects. The seriousness of the medical condition will be judged within the context of the Covered Person's geographical location, the nature of the medical emergency and the local availability of the appropriate medical care or facilities.

1.8   Arrangement and payment of Emergency Medical Repatriation (International & Domestic)

Arrangements for the return of the Covered Person to Malaysia (lnternational); or to the place of residence in Maiaysia (Domestic) following an emergency for subsequent in-hospital treatment within Malaysia. Both PruBSN and lntl. SOS reserve the right to decide the means or method by which such repatriation will be carried out having regard to all the assessed facts and circumstances of which lntl. SOS is aware of at the relevant time.

1.9   Arrangement and payment of Repatriation of Mortar Remains (International Only)

Arrangement for the transportation of the Covered Person's mortal remains to Malaysia or the cost of a local burial at the place of death approved by lntl. SOS.

2.   The details of the services provided for the lnternational Travel Assistance are as stated below:

2.1   lnoculation and Visa Requirement lnformation

Assistance in providing information concerning inoculation and visa requirements for foreign countries, worldwide This service shall also be rendered to the covered Person at any time, including prior to his/her travel outside Malaysia.

2.2   Weather lnformation Services

Assistance in providing information concerning weather forecasts and temperatures of foreign countries. This service shall also be rendered to the Covered Person at any time, including prior to his/her travel outside Malaysia.

2.3   Embassy Referral

Assistance in providing the address, telephone number and hours of opening of the nearest appropriate consulate and embassy worldwide. This service shall also be rendered to the Covered Person at any time, including prior to his/her travel outside Malaysia.

2.4   Interpreter Assistance

Assistance to the covered Person by providing interpreting services over the telephone providing by lntl. SOS or; details, subject to request and availability, of interpreters worrdwide.

2.5   Lost Passport and Luggage Assistance

Assistance to the Covered Person who has lost his/her passport or luggage while travelling outside Malaysia by providing directions for recovery.

2.6   Emergency Message Transmission

Undertaking to keep the Covered Person's family informed in the event of an emergency or a hospital confinement.

2.7   Foreign Exchange Rate Information

Assistance to the Covered Person by providing information concerning the exchange rate of major currencies against the Malaysian Ringglt.


The services mentioned in 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 are subject to a customary list of exclusions as listed below;

  • Pre-existing condition - i.e. any medical condition in respect of which the covered person has been hospitalised during the twelve (12) month period immediately prior to the commencement date of Major Medical Cover Benefit or any medical condition that has been diagnosed or treated by a medical practitioner including being prescribed drugs within the six (6) months prior to the first day of the commencement date of the Major Medical Cover.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation, Repatriation or costs not approved in advance and in writing by lntl. SOS and/or not arranged by lntl. SOS. This exclusion shall not apply to Emergency Medical Evacuation from remote or primitive areas which lntl. SOS cannot be contacted in advance and delay might reasonably be expected to result in loss of life or extreme prejudice to the Covered Person's long term health prospects.

  • Any event occurring when the Covered Person is within the territory of Malaysia (lnternational Assistance) or within 100km within their place of Residence in Malaysia (Domestic Assistance).

  • Any expense if the Covered Person is travelling outside Malaysia (lnternational Assistance) or 10okm away from the place of residence in Malaysia (Domestic & Assistance contrary to the advice of a medical practitioner or for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment or for the rest and recuperation following any prior accident or illness.

  • Any expense if the Covered Person is not suffering from a serious medical condition if the treatment can be reasonably delayed until the Covered Person return to the Malaysia (lnternationai Assistance) or his/her of Residence (Domestic Assistance).

  • Any treatment or expense related to pregnancy, childbirth (except abnormal pregnancy or vital complication of pregnancy which endangers the life of the mother and/or unborn children) and in any event of childbirth, miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) or pregnancy after the sixth (6th) month thereof.

  • Any expense incurred for emotional, mental illness and psychiatric disorders as opposed to physical and strictly-medical reasons.

  • Self-inflicted injury, suicide, alcohol abuse, drug addiction or abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, Acquired lmmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or any AIDS-related conditions or disease.

  • Any treatment performed or ordered by a non-registered practitioner not in accordance with the standard medical practice as defined in the country of treatment.

  • Any event resulting from participation in war, riots, civil commotion, any illegal act (including resulting imprisonment) or while serving in a police or military unit.

  •   Any expense if the Covered Person is more than seventy (70) years old at the date of the intervention unless otherwise agreed in writing by lntl. SOS at the commencement date.

  • The cost of burial in the Covered Person's country of citizenship or Malaysia.

  • Any expense related to the accident or injury occurring while the Covered Person is engaged in mountaineering or rock climbing necessitating the use of guides or ropes, pot holing, skydiving, parachuting, ballooning, hang-gliding, deep sea diving, utilising a hard helmet with air hose attachment, racing of any kind other than on foot, and all professional sports unless otherwise agreed in writing by lntl. SOS at the commencement date.

  • The cost of transporting the Covered Person by means of the company's or Covered Person's owned or leased watercraft unless agreed otherwise in writing by lntl. SOS prior to the commencement date.


PruBSN and lntl.SOS shall not be responsible for any third party expenses which shall be the responsibility of the Covered Person.

lntl. SOS shall undertake to use its best efforts to provide in a timely and accurate manner the above information and referral services to the Covered Person and will exercise care and diligence in selecting the above service providers. However, PruBSN and lntl. SOS cannot guarantee the quality of the above service providers and the final selection of the service providers shall be the responsibility of the Covered Person. PruBSN and the lntl. SOS shall not be responsible for any consequential loss to the Covered Person resulting from the using of such service providers by the Covered Person or delay in communicating the above information or message.

The above programme shall continue to be provided as long as the agreement between PruBSN and lntl. SOS continues.

This is an extract of the agreement signed between Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN) and lnternational SOS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (lntl.SoS). The contents provided here are for your lnformation only. Please call Prudential BSN Takaful (PruBSN) at 03 2053 7188 or International SOS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Intl. SOS) at 03 2166 7377 for further enquiries.

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